The Haunting of the Connor Hotel

The Connor Hotel – Yavapai County, Jerome, Arizona

Photograph ©Oybay

164 Main Street
Jerome, Arizona 86331
(928) 634-5006

This hotel burned down, not once, but twice. Hotel owner, David Connor, took advantage of his properties insurance and rebuilt and third time in 1898. The building that stands today was one of the finest hotels of its time; all of the second floor rooms had electricity, wood stoves and call buttons. The first floor had card rooms, billiard tables and other activities to entertain the guests. The hotel even owned a bus that took guests to the train depot.

At the west end of the building there was a counterfeit storefront that contained a bordello. The cathouse opened up into the legendary “Husband’s Alley”.

When the Jerome mines began to decline, so did the famous hotel. The upscale establishment closed its doors in 1931.

In the 1950’s, the building was used for several purposes; mostly little shops to attract tourists. In 2000, renovation began and the building was once again returned to its grandeur as a hotel.

Over the years, many supernatural reports have been made in this structure. In room 1, an unseen woman’s whispers, scratching noises and other unexplainable sounds have been heard. One living occupant of this room got the surprise of his life when someone or something unseen, laid down on top of him in the middle of the night. The poor man was so frightened that he spent the remainder of the night in his vehicle!

In room 5, strange noises and hot and cold spots have been reported. The television, lights, laptops and other electronics have been reported to “malfunction”. Also, it has been claimed that when this room is empty, the alarm clock sometimes goes off on its own, even though no one has set it.

The second floor bathroom, a woman was using the facilities when she heard a man softly call her name. If she thought she was hearing things, she was quickly corrected when he called to her a second time! The woman was alone on the second floor at the time and she quickly made her way back downstairs!

In the stairs and the hallway, investigative paranormal photographers, felt that they were being followed around the hotel by some unseen entity. Later, when their film was developed, they found they had captured the vortex of an apparition of the stairs.

In the bar and other areas of the building, people have reported being touched by some unseen hand and having odd feelings that made their “hair stand on end”.

On the first floor gift and artist shops, the apparitions of a man and a woman have been seen wandering around and like to startle the customers!