The Haunting of the Arkansas Old State House Museum

Old State House – Pulaski County, Little Rock, Arkansas

Photograph ©Andy & Frank, 2005-2006

The Old State House was constructed between the years of 1833 – 1842. This building was formerly the state capital of Arkansas until a new capital building was built in 1912. The structure served as a barracks during the Civil War, to the Union troops and also served as a medical school at one point in time. In 1947, the building became, what is now known to be, the Arkansas History Museum or the Old State House Museum.

In 1837, when the house was still the state capital building, a fight broke out between two house members. Member, John Wilson, apparently stabbed another house member to death during this fight. Mr. Wilson was acquitted of the murder and it was deemed “excusable homicide”. However, the incident ruined his career and he apparently never got over it. Mr. Wilson’s apparition is said to haunt the building, perhaps, in death, he has regained his esteemed position that he could not salvage in life. The spirit has been seen walking the aisles of the central hall on the second floor and is reported to wear nineteen-hundreds clothing.

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