The Haunting of the Golden North Hotel

Golden North Hotel –Skagway Hoonah Angoon County, Skagway, Alaska

Photograph ©Picture Ninja

Corner of 3rd and Broadway
Skagway, Alaska 99840
(907) 983-2451

This three story hotel and sports center is said to have spirits haunting rooms 14 and 23.

Room 23 is reported to be haunted by a young female apparition that has been nick-named “Mary” by the hotel staff. Mary died in the building of pneumonia while she waited for her lover to return from the gold fields.

Mary has been said to stand at the window in room 23, starring intently out, and waiting for her lover to return to her. This apparition has fully appeared to several of the hotel’s employees and was even caught in a picture taken by a tourist.

Some guests of room 23 have complained of the feeling of being choked; a symptom that might coincide with the symptoms of pneumonia.

Mary has been known to haunt room 14 as well and some have reported seeing a gray light formation moving around the room at night. Mary has also appeared fully in this room to unsuspecting guests.

Some guests of this room have complained to feeling really sick and nearly losing consciousness but when the gray light appears and then disappears, they say they instantly felt alright.