The Haunting of the Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Grant-Humphreys Mansion –Denver County, Denver, Colorado

Photograph © Dian McGown

This stunning mansion was built in 1902 by a wealthy man named James Grant. Grant was the third governor of the state of Colorado from 1883 – 1885.

In 1911, Grant died and his wife, Mary, sold the estate to Albert Humphreys and his wife, Alice. Mr. Humphreys later died in a suspicious shooting accident on the third floor of the mansion.

In Cheesman Park, very near the mansion, there are more than 2,000 buried in the Mount Prospect Graveyard. In 1873 the cemetery was renamed City Cemetery and it as there that deceased transients, criminals and victims of disease epidemics were sent to their final rest.

In 1893, city officials decided they wanted to use the ground for something else, giving 90 days for all of the bodies to be removed!

Church and temple members moved the Catholic and Jewish sections but many bodies were left behind. In the process of this moving around, graves were looted, bodies were intentionally broken so that they could be fit into mini boxes and body pieces were dropped and accidentally mixed up with other bodies; it was a disgraceful mess!

Soon apparitions were being spotted in and around most of the homes and buildings surrounding the cemetery. In the Humphreys Mansion, at least five ghosts have been reported.

Mr. Albert Humphreys still walks the halls of his former Denver home. The apparition is no shock, considering the fatal accident he experienced.

The identities of the other apparitions are unclear but they are thought to have come there from the incident that took place in the cemetery.

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