The Haunting of Madrona Manor

Madrona Manor –Sonoma County, Healdsburg, California

Photograph ©DuVine Adventures

Madrona Manor was built in 1880 by John Alexander Paxtron, for his wife, Hannah, and their two boys, Blitz and Charles.

After John’s death, seven years later, his wife Hannah is said to have kept his dead corpse in a glass coffin, inside of the mansion until her death in 1902. It was then that the boys, Blitz and Charles inherited the handsome estate. Later on, Charles committed suicide in the manor after his bride left him for another.

The manor house changed hands many times after that until it was purchased by the Muir couple in the 1980’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Muir dedicated themselves to refurbishing the old home and turning into a bed and breakfast.

During the renovations, several workers complained to the Muir couple about the strange sense that they were being watched by some unseen presence. These complaints went on even after the inn was opened, by several of the employees.

The guests of the Madrona Manor have has some complaints of their own. One of these patrons was awakened by a tea cup, turning on top of its saucer, with no help from the living! Others have found their possessions in some of the oddest places, moved and hidden by some unseen entity.

Another guest was in room 101 and awoke during the night to the apparition of a woman dressed in black, standing next to her bed! The ghost floated over to a chair by the window and then vanished into thin air!

One guest, after finishing her dinner, saw the apparition of an older woman. The ghost opened up a French door and made her way into the dining room where the living guest was still seated! The ghost came right to the side of this guest and spoke to her! The apparition told this poor startled guest, “I’m glad you can see me. I feel so bad that no one else can. This was my house once and I like what’s been done to it! I’d like to tell someone that. Now, you can tell them.”

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