The Haunting of Presidio Chapel

Presidio Chapel – Monterey County, Monterey, California

Photograph © Alex Vassar & Shane Meyers

The Presidio Chapel, also known as the San Carlos Cathedral, was built in 1770 and has served its church-going community for over two hundred years.

Many have reported seeing the apparition of a priest and some have seen a candle floating up and down the aisles and in front of the altar.

It has been claimed that the bells sometimes ring in the middle of the night when no priest would have been ringing them.

In the old rectory building, next to the chapel, one woman claims she felt some unseen person put their hand on her shoulder.

Another employee of the church was working late one night and suddenly his desk light was turned off. He immediately turned the light back on and it just as quickly, turned off again.

Some of the other strange happenings include; the sound of bodiless footsteps, rocking chairs that rock on their own, stairs creaking as if someone were walking on them, curtains moving without a breeze in the room and rattling sounds.

550 Church Street
Monterey, California