The Haunting of the Queen Anne Hotel

Queen Anne Hotel – San Francisco County, San Francisco, California

Photograph ©Here Comes the Guide

The Queen Anne Hotel started out in 1889 as a finishing school for girls. After 1896, the school closed its doors and then the building changed hands several times.

In 1980 the building was purchased again and the new owner restored and renamed her, the Queen Anne Hotel.

The buildings renovations brought an entity out of hiding. The spirit is thought to be Mary Lake, former head mistress of the girls’ finishing school.

Mary loved her job as head mistress and was devastated when the school closed down. Now, in death, she happily takes care of her new hotel guests.

Mary has been known to unpack visitor’s bags and hang their clothing up for them. She tidies up rooms while guests are out and has even been known to tuck the covers around her guests while they were sleeping!

Mary’s apparition has been seen by some as a misty shape and psychics who have visited the hotel have sensed her benevolent company.

1590 Sutter at Octavia
San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 441-2828