The Haunting of Southern Arkansas University

Southern Arkansas University – Columbia County, Magnolia, Arkansas

Photograph ©Magnolia, Arkansas Website

Bussey Hall, a residence hall of Southern Arkansas University, is said to house the apparitions of several females and many living residents have complained of strange happenings.

One resident claims that while in her room one night she suddenly felt she wasn’t alone. She was sitting on one side of the bed with her back to the door, when she claims she felt the edge of the bed go down behind her, as if someone had just sat down on it. The girl said she was too terrified to mover or scream and then the edge of the bed raised up (as if someone had stood up) and the feeling she had, went away. She immediately got up and checked her door but it was still locked!

Many other residents have reported their stereos and television coming on by themselves, with the volume full blast! Another claimed that she had placed a loaf of bread on the window sill and it threw itself onto the floor in the center of the room!

Others say that the attic light seems to go on and off on its own and that the attic is kept locked. The only person with a key is the dorm director and they would have no reason for going to the attic at night (or during the day).

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