The Haunting of the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown's House

Molly Brown House – Denver County, Denver, Colorado

Photograph ©Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

This beautiful Victorian home was purchased by Molly Brown and her husband, James Joseph Brown, in 1894. Molly Brown, as most people know, was nick-named the “unsinkable” Molly Brown, for her amazing survival of the Titanic tragedy in 1912.

Molly’s old home is now a museum but it went through various changes, owners and occupants over the years. Some of those occupants have decided to make this historic home their eternal roaming grounds and the apparitions of Molly and James are among them.

Many guests and employees still, on occasion, smell the scent of James’s smoking pipe. Molly’s bedroom has had reports of cold spots and some have even seen her apparition roaming about the house.

In the former room of Molly and James’s daughter, Catherine Ellen, the window blinds are known to pull up or lower on their own.

Molly’s mother, who also stayed in the home, has been spotted looking out the window of her room.

Another entity that roams the house is that of a Victorian dressed female who enjoys sitting at the dining room table and sometimes rearranges the chairs. This apparition has even allowed some of the living to capture her on film.

Another apparition, thought to be a former male servant, has been seen in the mirror hanging near the stair case.

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