The Hauntings of the Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel – Carroll County, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Photograph ©Kathy Weiser, 2005

Eureka Springs is home to the, well known, Crescent Hotel. This Victorian-Gothic structure is home to many restless spirits and activities have been reported throughout the years and even today.

A gentlemen wearing Victorian style clothing, has been seen in many areas of the hotel. One guest saw him in the lobby and then later saw him again at the foot of his bed, glowing and starring at him as he slept.

Another guest saw this same apparition at the bar. The patron claimed that the ghost looked so real that he talked to him but the apparition just ignored him and starred straight ahead. A second guest came in and attempted to talk to the apparition as well, with the same results. The two visitors assumed that the man at the bar was drunk and started to leave the bar. One of them looked over their shoulder as they were leaving and he was gone. All of a sudden, the apparition appeared on the second floor landing of the staircase! One of the guests began to climb the stairs and the apparition vanished into thin air! This same guest suddenly felt someone firmly take his arm and forcefully lead him back down to the lobby!

On another occasion, a salesman who was staying in the hotel was sleeping peacefully. All of a sudden he felt himself being shaken awake and it felt as though someone were trying to shove him out of the bed! When he got up and turned on the lights, he was the only one in the room!

One Sunday morning, a desk clerk was at the front desk and suddenly a set of (locked) French doors burst open! A cold, fierce wind blew in the doors, across the lobby and out the exit!

On the third floor of this hotel, many guests have encountered the apparition of a nurse pushing a gurney down the hall. As they watch, the nurse dressed in white just disappears. In the Hotels earlier days it was used as a hospital by a doctor who was quite a quack. This doctor was imprisoned for four years after being charged and convicted of defrauding the public with his bogus medical treatments.

75 Prospect Avenue
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
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