The Haunting of the Alaskan Hotel

Alaskan Hotel – Juneau County, Juneau, Alaska

Photograph ©Amanda Gragert, Capital City Weekly

167 South Franklin Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
(907) 586-1000

Built in 1913 by the McCloskey brothers and Jules B, the Alaskan Hotel is a byproduct of the Gold Rush that took place between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The hotel is only known to have one unsettled spirit roaming its halls; an apparition by the name of Alice. Apparently, in life, Alice was the wife of one of the miners seeking his fortune in gold. Alice’s husband went off to the mines one day and didn’t return when expected. Alice ran out of money and believed that her husband was not going to come back. With this in mind, Alice turned to prostitution for money and solicited her goods in the Alaskan Hotel. Apparently Alice’s husband did return some weeks later and when he found out what she had been doing, he became enraged and killed her in the hotel.

Since that day, many guests and employees have reported seeing Alice’s apparition throughout the hotel, especially in room 219. Guests repeatedly ask to be moved after being assigned to this room. Some have reported seeing Alice sitting on the bed there. Others have claimed that she touched them. Alice’s spirit has also been seen in the bar, in the hallways and in mirrors.

One very odd paranormal incident happened to a woman who had just recently begun working at the hotel. The woman went into one of the downstairs bathrooms and found it to be beautifully decorated in vintage nineteen-hundred, Victorian style furnishings. When the woman returned to the same bathroom later, the d├ęcor was modern and totally different than the first time she entered!

Even today, guest still make their claims and employees still find themselves looking over their shoulders, feeling someone might be there with them.