The Haunting of the Dead President’s Pub

Dead President’s Pub – New Castle County, Wilmington, Delaware

The buildings where the “Dead President’s Pub” resides is over two hundred years old. These buildings were originally private homes when they were built but then were made into one large building. The basement of the pub was, at one time, a family chapel and a large carving of Jesus that was found there is still there among all of the bubbly refreshments.

The building itself and its neighboring businesses seemed to have no troubles at all with spirits or paranormal happenings until the 1960’s. Back then, the building was occupied by another bar with rowdy customers and loud music. It was then that a regular patron of the bar, “Lemonade” Mullery, met his untimely end in the men’s restroom. Apparently, Mr. Mullery was extremely intoxicated and he swaggered up the stairs to the bathroom. Once inside, Mr. Mullery slipped and broke his neck, killing him instantly.

The Dead President’s Pub has resided here since 1997 and has experienced paranormal activities ever since. Apparently the specter is the most active after closing time, which is probably good for the businesses sake.

The unruly spirit has been said to make himself known by throwing dishes at the wait staff! Many waiters and waitresses have claimed to hear unexplainable, hysterical laughing coming from behind them, on the stairs or in the restrooms! Glasses in the bar are known to clink and rattle for no reason at all. Some have even claimed to see the dominoes from the game room, float across the room as if some unseen person were carrying them.

618 North Union Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19805
(302) 652-7737