The Haunting of Ford Island

Ford Island –Honolulu County, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Photograph ©Travlr

Ford Island sits snugly in the center of Pearl Harbor. Many men died here during the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Would it be any wonder that this little island is reported to be haunted?

Residents have made reports of disembodied voices and footsteps in empty rooms of their homes. Some have reported finding objects in their homes unexplainably moved or stacked up.

Other paranormal phenomenon includes lights and appliances that turn on in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, a glowing misty apparition that floats through homes and shadowy figures walking around the trees and buildings on the north side of the island; these figures look like people but then disappear into thin air.

Some who have visited the airstrip claim to have feelings of urgency, as if some unseen emergency were going on around them; others have added to this description by saying they heard the sounds of men running past them in boots but they didn’t actually see them.

Many have claimed to hear the sounds of men moaning in pain. And at one building in particular, reports have been made of locked doors opening and closing on their own, accompanied by unexplained drafts of cold air.

Many apparitions have been spotted on this island, most are dressed in uniform, and they seem to roam, without destination, around the island.