The Haunting of the Hearthstone Inn

Hearthstone Inn – El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Photograph ©Haunted

506 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
(719) 473-4413

This inn is actually two houses that has been cleverly connected; the Bemis house built in 1885 and the Sumner house built in 1900. By viewing the front of this three-story Victorian, you would never guess that it has twenty-five lovely guest rooms in it! You would also never guess that it’s extremely haunted!

The Bemis house is supposedly the site of a murder and a possible suicide. Guests, who have stayed in the “Peak” room of the Bemis portion of the building, have reported seeing a mirror “float” off of the wall and land on the floor. A maid who was cleaning this room was suddenly locked in and no one could hear her screams for help!

Also in the Bemis house, some of the wait staff has had drinking glasses shatter in their hands. Another waiter is teased frequently by a pen stealing ghost. Supposedly his pen disappears from his apron pocket, only to reappear later attached to a curtain part of the way up the wall!

Many of the employees and visitors have seen the apparition of a little girl who runs through both of the houses, giggling and laughing! This same little girl is believed to be the same apparition who awoke the owner one night, jumping up and down on the bed. The girl was not actually seen that night but felt while she sprang up and down on the bed as if it were a trampoline.

Pictures and d├ęcor that hangs about the house has been known to suddenly “lift itself up off of the hook” and fly across the room. Knick-knacks and other items on shelves have been reported to be knocked off by some unseen force!

Cold spots have been reported in both houses, orbs have been seen and captured on film, mists have appeared out of nowhere, streaks of light have been seen, lights flicker or dim, radios and televisions turn on or off by themselves, and some have reported the feeling of some thing pushing them or touching them.

Some of the more sensitive visitors to the house have complained of feeling body chills, goosebumps, hair on their neck standing on end, feeling sick or nauseous and feeling drained of all energy.

Paranormal investigators who have investigated the house have caught images on film, as well as, voices and the sound of moaning on tape.

This inn seems to be extremely haunted. However, in the daylight, you would never guess that such a lovely house could be so riddled by restless spirits.