The Haunting of the Herlong Mansion

Herlong Mansion Bed & Breakfast– Alachua County, Micanopy, Florida

Photograph © John Bradley

402 Northeast Cholokka Boulevard
Micanopy, Florida 32667
(800) 437-5664

This gorges, southern home was built in 1845 and was occupied by the Simonton family who were also one of the founding families of Micanopy, Florida.

In 1910 the house was sold to a Mr. and Mrs. Herlong who refurbished the home and turned it into a stately mansion. The Herlong’s had six children who spent their childhoods running and playing in the home and the surrounding property. When these children grew up and the Herlong parents died, the six siblings loved the house so much that they spent eighteen years fighting over ownership of it.

Finally, at the age of sixty-eight, one of the Herlong children, Inez, had saved up enough money to buy the house. Inez intended to renovate her childhood home but died shortly after purchasing the estate. Apparently Inez was a diabetic and must have gone into insulin shock. It is thought that she died in her childhood bedroom because quite a bit of paranormal activity seems to happen in this room.

After Inez’s death, her son took over the estate and he let it go down hill even further. The house was finally sold again in 1986 and after that it changed hands several times. Luckily, each person who bought it, did their share of renovating and remodeling and now the home is in pristine condition and just as lovely as it once was in the early 1900’s.

The Herlong Mansion, now a bed and breakfast, has six spacious guest rooms, three beautiful suites and three cozy little cottages for its many overnight guests.

Many believe that Inez is responsible for most of the oddities that go on in the mansion. She is said to haunt her old third floor bedroom and some have even seen her apparition in the mirror there, floating through the room behind them. When they turn from the mirror to look behind them, she is no where to be seen.

Many who have visited this home have also reported the door to Inez’s room, as well as other guestroom doors, opening and closing on their own.

Several people have reported hearing footsteps on the stairs and seeing a fast-moving mist going up or down the steps.

On the second story veranda, one guest was enjoying her coffee and watching the sun come up when suddenly she felt she was being watched. She turned to find a woman staring at her in the doorway. Within seconds the woman vanished into thin air!

Maybe Inez just decided that, after enduring an eighteen year battle for the home, she has the right to stay as long as she wants. Whatever the reason, she seems to be harmless and she doesn’t usually bother guests.