The Haunting of the Inn at Jerome

Inn at Jerome – Yavapai County, Jerome, Arizona

Photograph ©Graf-fiti Creations

309 Main Street
Jerome, Arizona 86331
(800) 634-5094

Built in 1899, this comfy stay in Jerome is decorated in Victorian 1900 style furnishings, comes with highly recommended breakfast entrées and provides entertainment from three known human specters and one ghostly cat!

The building itself was designed to be “fire proof”, constructed of 18-inch thick, concrete walls. The inn has eight guest rooms, a kitchen and restaurant and a large parlor.

In the early 1900’s this structure was home to one of the wealthiest madams in all of Arizona; Madam Jennie Banters. Miss Banters and her ladies used the space until they were forced to move their entertainment to what is now known as the infamous “Husband’s Alley” and the building then was turned into a hardware store with apartments overtop. The building continued this way until it was turned into the inn that it is today.

The apparition of Madam Jennie Banters made her presence known after the building was renovated and turned into the Inn at Jerome. Miss Banters spends most of her time in the “Lariat and Lace” room and the kitchen but is also known to move on to some of the other rooms at the inn.

Jennie has been reported to rearrange furniture, move knick-knacks around, play with the ceiling fans and likes to turn on the radio while the maids are tidying up the rooms!

Jennie also likes to throw cooking utensils onto the kitchen floor if they were not put in their proper place and has been reported to knock the cook books off of the shelves.

Jennie’s cat has decided to stay on at the inn as well. The ghostly feline has been spotted by a number of guests and employees, many of whom have bent to pick it up, only to have it disappear! The cat likes to brush up against peoples legs while remaining invisible. This cat’s footprints have been seen on made up beds, as well as, it’s curled up sleeping form that leaves an indention on the bedspreads. Some have heard the cat meow and many have heard the sound of it sharpening its claws!

Another apparition that calls the Inn at Jerome home is an elderly man who’s friendly and enjoys playing pranks. This spirit has been spotted in early period workman’s clothing while looking out of one of the guest room windows.

This gentleman has been reported to laugh at the maids, the manager and even some of the inn’s guests. He also plays games with the maids by lying down on freshly made beds and leaving the imprint of his body on them!

This apparition tends to spend most of his time in the “Pillow Talk” and “Kiss and Tell” rooms, where he also likes to leave the armoire doors hanging open.

The fourth ghost to haunt this structure is a grouchy soul. This man likes to scare people and apparently does a good job of it. In one of the guest rooms, visitors to the inn were frightened by a strong, cold wind that blew through the room when the windows were not even open.

One of the maids saw this apparition while she was cleaning. She said the ghost appeared in the “Victorian Rose” room and then moved behind the door and disappeared.

One of the waitresses came in early one morning and was alone in the restaurant part of the building. She heard footsteps coming up behind her and assumed it was the cook approaching her. She turned around and found herself face-to-face with the grumpy ghost! The poor waitress screamed and the ghost vanished into thin air!

This apparition is also believed to be the one who eavesdropped on a guest who said that the Inn at Jerome hauntings were nonsense. Suddenly, a metal sign that sat on a shelf above the visitor’s head flew off of the shelf and onto the floor in front of her!

Some of the other strange happenings at the inn:

The smell of roses in the “Victorian Rose” room, the sounds of some unseen person whistling at the bar, items falling off of shelves, water faucets turning on, a invisible woman singing, banging noises, locked doors that open and close on their own, a statue that turns itself around, glasses falling off of tables and the answering machine being turned on after it was just turned off.

The Inn at Jerome seems to be very haunted but at least most of the ghosts are friendly and playful!