The Haunting of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Jekyll Island Club Hotel – Glynn County, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Photograph ©Jekyll Island Club Hotel

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel was originally built in 1887, to provide an exclusive vacation spot and hunting club for the extremely wealthy. Some of the more prominent names that took pleasure in this glamorous retreat were Joseph Pulitzer, Vincent Astor, J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, James Stillman, William K. Vanderbilt and George Baker, as well as, other big-name tycoons and politicians.

Today, the hotel is not limited to the rich or even the living! The hotel has had many reports of paranormal activity over the years and continues to have active ghostly manifestations.

Many who have stayed in the Sans Souci house, a favorite spot of J.P. Morgan, have reported the smell of Morgan’s infamous cigar smoke.

In the Aspinwall room, some have claimed to see the apparition of General Lloyd Aspinwall. The room was originally named the Riverfront Veranda but was later named after Mr. Aspinwall because it was his favorite sleeping quarters in the hotel.

In the Spencer’s Suite, Samuel Spencer has been reported to read visitor’s newspapers and has made himself visible to several surprised guests.

Another spirit that still lingers on at the famous hotel is that of a former bell hop. This apparition has been reported to knock on the room doors of newly wed couples and when the door is answered he offers the groom a pressed suit and then he vanishes! This apparition has been described as “very real looking” and wearing an old-fashioned bell hop’s cap and suit.

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