The Haunting of the Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Lake Compounce Amusement Park – Hartford County, Bristol, Connecticut

Photograph ©Alan Ageloff

The land where the park now stands used to belong to the Mattituck Indians. The park is actually named after Mattituck Chief, John Compounce. In 1684, Chief Compounce sold the land to white settlers who migrated to the area from Massachusetts. Within days after the land was sold, Chief Compounce drown in the lake, though the theories are a bit sketchy.

Another oddity that happened within a few days of the sale is that the man who brokered the deal, Mr. Norton, also died when he fell from a ladder and broke his neck. The Norton family had a reputation for being spiritualists and had been under question of the government prior to settling in Lake Compounce.

Over the years the park grew in size and popularity and in 1895 it was completed. Many accidents are said to have happened there. Several workers were said to have died during construction, one such worker was even decapitated by one of the rides.

The strange occurrences at Lake Compounce have been reported ever since the early 1900’s. There is not one structure in the park that hasn’t experienced some form of supernatural activity and many employees and guests have witnessed these happening for over one hundred years!

Some have heard bodiless voices floating on the night air. Others have seen lights that flashed on and off on their own. Shadows have been seen moving across the grounds at night. Some have seen inanimate objects move without any assistance from the living.

In the amusement parks, Starlight Ballroom, music has been heard after the building was closed and locked up tight for the night. Some even say they have seen shadows that seemed to dance along the hallways of the building.

Today, employees and visitors of the park still report strange and unexplainable happening among the buildings and out on the grounds.

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