The Haunting of the Olde Pink House Restaurant & Tavern

Olde Pink House – Chatham County, Savannah, Georgia

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23 Abercorn Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 232-4286

Originally, the house was owned and built in 1771, by James Habersham Jr. James was a hero during the Revolutionary War and he moved his way up the ladder to the rank of “major”.

The house was built of red bricks and then the bricks were covered in plaster. As odd as it may sound, the color from the bricks bled through the plaster; making the house appear to be pink. Apparently James was not fond of pink, and so he would paint the house white, each time the brick work began to turn the plasters color.

Despite the color problem, James loved his home and he and his wife raised three boys there. The home has survived for over two-hundred years. In its lifespan it’s seen the great fire of 1820, the war of 1812 and it made its way, unscathed, through the Civil War.

In the nineteen-twenties, the home was purchased by a woman who decided to let-bygones-be-bygones and she painted the house a pretty shade of pink. Today, the mansion still stands proud on Abercorn Street as a five-star restaurant and tavern.

Today, the restaurant is said to be haunted by Mr. James Habersham, himself. Apparently, every employee has seen Mr. Habersham’s apparition and he is especially active during the fall and winter months.

Another spirit that lingers on at the Pink House is a war veteran. Some have seen this apparition in solid form sitting at the bar. The man’s attire seems to be a soldier's uniform of the Revolutionary War era. This apparition is a friendly one and has been reported to raise his drink at customers, smile and vanish.

A third ghost that walks here is a descendent of James Habersham. This apparition has been known to appear in solid form and order a drink from the bar. He has also been seen walking down to the cemetery where he is reported to disappear in the Button family monument where his body was buried.

A female entity is said to haunt the second floor and she has been heard crying on several occasions by patrons, as well as, employees of the restaurant.

The specter of a former house servant has been seen in the building, as well as, several slave children that seem to enjoy their time playing in the basement area. The children’s apparitions make mischief by throwing dice against walls and bathroom doors, hitting bartenders with wine bottles and locking people in the restrooms.

Strange paranormal phenomena are still reported in the Old Pink House by patrons and employees. However, these spirits seem to be friendly and they only seem to add to the old house’s charm.