The Haunting of the Pocatello High School

Pocatello High School – Bannock County, Pocatello, Idaho

Photograph ©Untraveled

You would probably be surprised how many haunted grade schools there are across the US. I don’t usually write about these schools but today I’m making an exception.

One of the apparitions to haunt this school is that of a former student. In the late forties to early fifties, two students made a suicide pact. One of the young girls changed her mind but the other was found dead in the school. Apparently the girl hung herself from her locker.

After her death, teachers and students noticed the strong smell of perfume that seemed to linger at her locker. The scent was so strong that the school had to remove the locker and replace it with a new one.

Some still report smelling her perfume occasionally and the janitors that work in the school after hours have reported seeing the long deceased girl’s apparition wandering the hallways.

There have been other apparitions spotted in this school but they cannot be identified. Many have reported seeing them looking out of windows. Some say they have heard the alarm in the gym go off at night and some have heard the sounds of the piano playing in the auditorium when no one was playing it. The only explanation for these other hauntings would be that the spirits are attached to the land that the school stands on.

325 North Arthur Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83204