The Haunting of the Woodstock Opera House

Woodstock Opera House – McHenry County, Woodstock, Illinois

Photograph ©National Trust for Historic Preservation

The opera house is home to at least one known apparition. As the story goes, a young actress, upon being turned down for the part in a play that she so desperately wanted, climbed the five flights of stairs to the belfry tower and jumped to her death.

The apparition of this poor woman has been spotted by many; wearing a dancing gown with her beautiful blond hair hanging down to her waist. She is known in the opera house as, Elvira.

Many young actresses are drawn to the belfry tower, under what some call a sort of “hypnotic state.” It is thought that the long deceased Elvira, is the source that draws them up the stairwell.

Elvira is known to move props around and untie scenery supports so that they fall. Many have even heard her sigh with annoyance when someone messed up their lines or missed their cue.

Many have claimed that seat 113 is her favorite and you will see her seat in a lowered position when she is watching rehearsals. The funny thing about these seats is that they are spring loaded; meaning, they will not stay in a down position unless they have some kind of weight to hold them down! Seat 113 has been repeatedly checked and is said to be in perfect working order.

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