The Haunting of the East Wind Inn House

The East Wind Inn – Knox County, Tenants Harbor, Maine

Photograph ©East Wind Inn

History of the Building:

Built in 1860 by a local business man named John Fuller, the East Wind was intended for commercial use. Mr. Fuller used the main floor to open a general store, his sons used the basement for their tin shop, the second floor was used by a sail-sewing business and the top floor was used by the Masonic Lodge.

In 1921, the building was purchased by Charles Rawley who turned it into an inn. In 1941, the place changed hands again, this time going to a Mr. Frank Scrutin, who owned it until 1954 when it was abandoned.

In 1974, the building was finally sold again to Tim Watts who made it what it is today; the East Wind Inn.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

Several spirits are said to still linger in this place, though their identities are unknown.

The most top floor seems to harbor an angry female apparition. This entity has been reported to shove people and she has been heard “wailing”. Many have felt cold spots on this floor that seemed to move around and several have awoke during the night to icy cold rooms. Several who tried to get out of bed during the night, say that they were held down by some unseen force. These guests claimed that they felt a heavy pressure that pushed down on their chests and their throats felt constricted; making it impossible for them to scream.

Another odd occurrence that happened on the top floor was reported in the 1980’s. Apparently, the roof blew off of rooms 12 and 14 but the rest of the building’s roof was untouched. Upon investigating those two rooms, a mattress was found to be cut in half. Also, these are the two rooms with the most reported activity.

On the second floor of the inn, one woman claimed she was pushed out of bed by unseen hands. She also claimed that she heard noises that seemed to come from the ceiling above her.

On the first floor of the building, many have reported seeing an apparition floating up the staircase, doors are said to slam shut for no apparent reason and the dining room doors have been seen swinging back and forth when no one went through them. Another interesting story is that several dogs that have been brought into the establishment were reported to growl and show their teeth, their hair would stand on end and they seemed to watch something, unseen by humans, move around the room.

In the basement, phantom footsteps have been heard in the dining room when no guests were staying at the inn.

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