The Haunting of the Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House – Dubuque County, Dubuque, Iowa

Photograph © Dubuque Cultural Alliance

Dating back to the late eighteen-hundreds, this opera house has seen its fair share of operas, plays and ballets. This building has also seen its share of the paranormal.

During the opera houses after hours many employees have reported hearing disembodied voices and singing that seems to come from the stage area. Many have also reported feeling a presence beside or behind them; others have felt unexplainable gusts of cold air. Some have even heard the sounds of phantom footsteps walking across the empty stage.

During live productions, unexplainable problems with lighting have occurred. There have been times when every light in the building went off except for the stage lights. Electricians can find nothing wrong with the wiring. When the production is over, the lights come back on.

Another problem has occurred with the spotlights; the spotlights move in various directions without help from the living. The spotlights have also been known to fall from their stands for no apparent reason.

Light switches in the building turn off and on of their own free will. Film cameras have been known to zoom in and out without help from the camera person and one camera man even caught an apparition on film right before his camera went haywire.

Many objects throughout the building are mysteriously moved to another location or items are hidden and discovered later; some have even seen these objects being moved by some unseen entity.

135 West 8th Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001