Liberty Hall Mansion – Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky

Photograph ©Unknown
History of the House:

Built in 1796 by Senator John Brown, this Georgian-style mansion stands grandly above the Kentucky River. The mansion, believe-it-or-not, was designed by Mr. Thomas Jefferson! If that weren’t exciting enough, the home has also entertained such names as; President James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, William Harrison and Theodore Roosevelt!

Today, this grand mansion is used as a museum, well worth visiting. Behind the house you will find one of the most exquisite gardens you’ve ever seen; winding its way down the hill to the Kentucky River.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

One of the ghosts to haunt this estate is a woman named Margaret Varick. Margaret died of a heart attack in one of the bedrooms located upstairs. This woman’s apparition has been spotted in and around the house for many years now.

Margaret is described as small and dressed in a gray house dress. She has appeared in every room of the house and has a habit of opening and slamming doors in the middle of the night. Most of the sightings of this lady in gray are on the stairs or in the room where she died.

Margaret has been reported to stand over her old bed and view sleeping guests back in the 1920’s. She has also been seen starring out windows from the second floor; looking down at people outside. Margarethas touched several people and she has showed up in several photos taken by visitors to the mansion.

Margaret has also been known to tuck the covers around sleeping, overnight guests, fold blankets, do mending, wind and play music boxes, and give some visitors small gifts from her time period by leaving them on the night stand while the guest was sleeping!

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