The Haunting of the Pony Express Hollenberg Station

Hollenberg Station – Washington County, Hanover, Kansas

Photograph ©Keith Stokes

This Pony Express station, active during the mid eighteen hundreds, was preserved by the citizens of Hanover, only eight years after it closed. The citizens must have realized what an important part of history the Pony Express really was.

This particular station draws in quite a few visitors every year; not just because it is an important part of history but also because it is claimed to be haunted.

Many visitors have claimed to hear the sounds of phantom hoofbeats racing past the building accompanied by loud shouts coming from unseen men! These sounds have been heard, not only at night, but also in broad daylight! Many have also reported that they felt the temperature in the air around them drop quickly and drastically; creating cold spots that could not be explained.

The apparitions of men have been spotted by many about the grounds; sporting their chaps and cowboy hats! These apparitions appear in solid form but quickly disappear when approached!

Some have claimed to see the apparition of Mr. Great Hollenberg himself! This feisty spirit is believed to be the one who enjoys rearranging things throughout the building and occasionally hiding items.

Another apparition to haunt the place is that of a former pony express rider who was killed while making a delivery. Apparently the young man was ambushed by Indians. He was found dead with his fingers cut off, his tongue cut out and arrows still protruding from his back. This poor soul has made himself known to the living by appearing on the floor of one of the rooms, bloody and in agony and then he just disappears. This same apparition has also been spotted wandering the grounds at night fall, bleeding from the mouth and hands.

The paranormal activity here is most active in the summer months, however, the museum is open year round.

Photograph ©Orange County DOE

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