The Haunting of the Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery – Cook County, Justice, Illinois

Photograph ©Mystical Universe

Probably one of the most famous ghosts of Illinois is “Resurrection Mary”. Mary is not only a legend but her sightings have been legally documented and there has even been physical evidence found to validate eyewitness accounts.

Many have made their speculations as to who Mary was in life but no one truly knows her identity. However, most agree that Mary was killed on Archer Road by a hit-and-run driver and she died there along the road.

Apparently Mary had attended a dance with her beau and for whatever reason, she left alone. As I said, Mary was walking along Archer Road and she was struck by a vehicle. The driver of the car never stopped and Mary was left there to die.

Sightings of Mary’s apparition have occurred for over seventy years; the first account occurring in the early nineteen-thirties, right after her death.

A Mr. Jerry Palus had attended a dance where he met a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He danced with the woman all night long and at the end of the evening the young lady asked him to drive her home. As Jerry was driving down Archer Road, the woman became anxious as they approached the Resurrection Cemetery. She insisted that Jerry pull the vehicle over in front of the cemetery and as he did so, she jumped out of the vehicle and ran for the gates. Jerry watched in disbelief as she disappeared into thin air just before she reached the gate!

In 1971, a taxi driver picked up a young woman and headed down Archer Road. The cab driver described the girl as being disoriented. Just as he was about to pass the cemetery she shouted for him to stop. He quickly stopped the cab and turned to ask her what was the matter. The back seat of the cab was empty! The cab driver said that the doors on his taxi never opened! One moment, the girl was there, the next moment, she was just gone!

In 1976, a man called the police department and reported seeing a young woman inside the graveyard. He said she seemed frantic and she was pulling at the bars in the cemetery gate as if she were trapped inside. Officer Pat Homa responded to the call. When he arrived he found no one inside, instead he found bars that were bent outward with the impressions of small hands burnt into them! We’re talking about heavy, steal bars; no person could have bent them! These bars were recently removed when the cemetery administrators grew tired of the constant attention that they drew. Don’t believe it? Check out the picture below!

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Photograph ©Ghost Search

A couple of days later police were again dispatched to the area. A frantic woman had called in to report that she had just struck a young woman with her vehicle. When police arrived on the scene they found the shocked woman, CB radio still in her hand, sitting on the ground beside a human formed impression in the snow. They asked the woman where the body was and she told them that the woman she hit had disappeared as they approached.

In 1978, a married couple was driving down Archer Road when suddenly a woman came into view, standing in the middle of the road. The husband quickly hit his brakes but the car would not stop fast enough. The couple watched in horror as the car went right through the woman. The apparition then dissipated into a mist and disappeared!

During a one week span in August of 1980, more than a dozen reports were made. Some claimed they saw her by the road and others claimed they had hit her with their car. Each time police were dispatched, nothing was found. Over the decades, hundreds of reports have been made; all sounding very much the same.

Mary is the most famous ghost of Resurrection Cemetery and possibly the most famous in the state of Illinois but, she is not the only restless spirit in the graveyard.

Over the years, many have reported seeing a horse-drawn hearse driving erratically and then disappearing right after it ran right through the cemetery gates. Many other oddities have occurred here as well but Mary seems to be blamed for most of them whether she was responsible or not.

7201 Archer Road
Justice, Illinois 60458