The Haunting of Sauer Castle

Sauer Castle – Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas

Photograph ©Historic Elmwood Cemetery

History of the House:

The Sauer Castle was built during the eighteen-hundreds by Anton Sauer. Five generations of the Sauer family have lived in this home and today it is still owned by a descendant of Anton Sauer.

During the home’s lifespan, several family members died of natural causes in the house, including Anton Sauer and his second wife. There is one suicide reported in the home, the early death of one infant and the accidental drowning of one small child.

Paranormal Activities Reported:
Lights have been seen floating through the lookout tower and around the estate.

Many have reported hearing unexplainable noises, crying, shouting, laughing, singing, and voices from unseen entities.

The full-bodied apparition of a woman has been seen on the “widow’s walk” and in the lookout tower. A second female apparition, accompanied by a male apparition has also been reportedly seen in the tower. Also, the apparition of a young boy has been spotted in and around the mansion.

Today, neighbors and casual passerby’s still make reports of sightings and unexplainable sounds.

*Warning: This home is private property and trespassers will be persecuted! This home is family owned and no tours are given here. If you wish to see the mansion, please respect the owner by staying outside of the fence and off of the property.

935 Shawnee Road
Kansas City, Kansas 66103