The Haunting of White Cemetery

White Cemetery – Lake County, Barrington, Illinois

Photograph ©Weird & Spooky Places

The White Cemetery was started in the early eighteen-hundreds. For many years, paranormal reports have been made here by visitors, as well as, graveyard workers.

Many have claimed to see glowing balls of light or orbs that float throughout the graveyard, and in some cases, even cross over the fence and drift across the road or into nearby homes. Others have claimed to see hazy, misty apparitions roaming about the tombstones or around trees at night.

The full-bodied apparition of an elderly woman has also been spotted here. Many motorists passing by have reported that the woman flagged them down as if she were in need of assistance and then vanished before their eyes!

Another eerie apparition is that of a deceased gangster that sometimes appears in the rearview mirror of passerby’s vehicles. When the drivers turn their heads to look, the man is gone.

Two very odd reports here seem to make this haunted cemetery stand out; some have said they saw a black phantom car and others have reported seeing a house that burnt down many years ago. Both of these phantom objects have vanished within seconds after they were observed.

Cuba Road
Barrington, Illinois 60010