The Haunting of Beckett’s Castle

Beckett’s Castle – Cumberland County, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Photograph ©Jeff Kinder

History of the Home:

Built in 1871, this “castle” still stands proudly along the cliffs of Cape Elizabeth overlooking the rolling sea below. Sylvester Beckett, a publisher and poet of the eighteen-hundreds, built the home and lived there until his death in 1882.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

Mr. Sylvester Beckett is the sole spirit responsible for the castle hauntings. Over the years since Beckett’s death there have been many paranormal reports. This apparition usually appears as a bright blue ball of light. He is said to cause cold spots throughout the house, jerk blankets off of beds that have just been made up and remove pictures from the walls. Another oddity here is that the door that leads to the tower will not stay closed. This door has even been reportedly nailed shut, only to pop open again!

*Warning: This haunted hotspot is now a privately owned residence. No trespassing allowed.

1 Singles Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107