The Haunting of the Captain Fairfield Inn

Captain Fairfield Inn – York County, Kennebunkport, Maine

Photograph ©AllStevens

The Captain Fairfield Inn was built in the early eighteen-hundreds and named after Captain James Fairfield. Born in Maine, James Fairfield was the son of a sea captain and when he grew older he followed in his fathers footsteps.

Captain Fairfield died on July 23, 1820, succumbing to pneumonia. The house was left to James’s wife, who then sold it to a Mr. Abner Stone. Two years after Fairfield’s death, Tobias Lord found a life-like painting of the deceased sea captain aboard a Swedish ship. The painting was sent to Kennebunkport where it hangs in the Brick Store Museum. A copy of the portrait hangs above the fireplace in the Captain Fairfield Inn.

During the restoration of this house by current owners, the apparition of Captain Fairfield was spotted in the basement, standing in a dark corner. Since that time, Captain Fairfield has been seen numerous times by guests of this bed and breakfast. Those who haven’t seen him have reported feeling his presence in their rooms or in other areas of the house.

Captain Fairfield seems to be friendly. He isn’t known for playing pranks or for intentionally trying to scare anyone. Instead, he merely stands back and watches the many guests who stay there.

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