The Haunting of the Landers Theatre

Landers Theatre – Greene County, Springfield, Missouri

Photograph ©Richard Grosenbaugh

The Landers Theatre was built in 1909 by John and D.J. Landers and R.W. Steward. Today the theatre is known as the Springfield Little Theatre and it has a reputation for being haunted.

A male apparition has been spotted by numerous performers, watching them from the balcony above. Another apparition, an unknown man, has been seen looking out of the costume room window on the fourth floor. This man is said to be wearing Elizabethan clothing.

A third male apparition was spotted in the theatre by one of the directors. Apparently the director mistook him for an actual living person and spoke to him. The man then went behind a pillar in the auditorium and vanished into thin air. The director described the man as middle aged, about six feet tall, long hair and beard.

Also spotted here is a green, free-floating orb, believed to be the spirit of a man who was knifed to death in the 1920’s. This “orb” is described as being approximately five feet tall and it usually appears in the first and second balcony areas.

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