The Haunting of the Landmark Center

Landmark Center – Ramsey County, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Photograph ©MNkiteman

No, this isn’t Cinderella’s castle and no, it’s not one of the castles of Scotland…believe-it-or-not, this is the “Landmark Center” located in the U.S.’s own Minnesota!

This building was constructed in the late eighteen-early nineteen hundreds, costing a whopping 2.5 million; that was a pretty heavy price tag for that time! Originally the Landmark Center was used for Saint Paul’s post office and the court system. Today the Landmark Center houses the American Association of Woodturners Gallery, the Ramsey County Historical Society Gallery, the Schubert Club Musical Instrument Museum, the Landmark Center Archive Gallery, the Frederick King Weyerhaeuser Auditorium and several courtrooms.

In addition to all of its businesses, this building is also said to house a few apparitions. The spirit of a Mr. Jack Peifer, former gangster, is said to cause most of the paranormal activity. Apparently Jack committed suicide after receiving a thirty year prison sentence to be carried out in the Leavenworth Prison.

Jack’s apparition has been seen on the elevators, as well as, in one of the second floor ladies rooms. This awnry entity is said to make elevators go up and down, open and close doors and toilets, and scare people by touching them or laughing right behind them when his presence cannot be seen.

Jack is also accused of tipping bottles of alcohol over, shattering shot glasses and showing up in photos during celebrations that are held in the Landmark Center.

75 West Fifth Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
(651) 292-3233