The Haunting of Lilburn Mansion

Lilburn Mansion – Howard County, Ellicott City, Maryland

Photograph ©Lori Weckesser, Enlarged by Lew Lehman

Built in 1857 by Henry Richard Hazelhurst, this gothic-style mansion has twenty rooms and a four story medieval tower (not shown in picture). Also on the property is a three-story carriage house known as “The Cottage”.

Many families have passed through this home over the past one hundred plus years, leaving behind many entities that have made this place their permanent residence.

The presence of a small child has been heard by many as it cries in one of the upstairs bedrooms. A dog belonging to one family who lived in the house was spooked by this room and would not enter it.

The apparition of a young girl has been seen playing throughout the mansion. This specter has also been seen walking in the upstairs hallway with an older male apparition. The male entity has suddenly appeared in front of frightened witnesses and he is believed to be responsible for the lingering odor of cigar smoke when no living person was smoking.

Many have also reported seeing the dining room chandelier sway back and forth for no apparent reason. Others have reported hearing the sounds of phantom footsteps in the tower when no one was there. In addition to the footsteps, some have claimed that the windows in the tower open and close on their own. One owner even reported tying the windows down but as soon as he exited the tower, the windows were untied and opened!

Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Lilburn Mansion Ghost Pic