The Haunting of the Middleton Tavern

Middleton Tavern – Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Maryland

Photograph ©The Anne Arundel County Website

Originally built as a private residence, this Georgian-style structure has seen its share of businesses come and go. Today it is known as the Middleton Tavern and it houses a very large and very busy restaurant and bar, famous for serving up some of Annapolis’s best seafood. Here you will find elegant fireside dining, juicy shrimp, fantastic fried calamari, and…..ghosts? Yep, this seventeen-hundreds structure is also known for its many spectral patrons!

Haunting the first floor dining areas is the apparition of a former Revolutionary War soldier who has appeared numerous times at the first floor windows. This specter is known for throwing dishes and glasses across the room, one at a time. He has also been reported to knock over tables that were covered in dirty dishes; maybe the bus boys don’t move quickly enough for this spirited apparition!

Another entity to call the tavern home is a shadowy figure who has been spotted gliding quickly through the dining rooms. This awnry apparition likes to turn the wall lamps upside down and has often been reported to move tables and chairs.

Is the Middleton Tavern still experiencing paranormal activity? Oh yeah! If you pay a visit to this well-known establishment you may very well experience some of this activity first hand. And if the specters are quiet that night….well, at least you’ll fill up on Annapolis’s awesome seafood!

2 Market Space
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
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