The Haunting of the National House Inn

The National House Inn – Calhoun County, Marshall, Michigan

Photograph ©National House Inn

Built in 1835 by Andrew Mann, this two-story, brick colonial was originally a stage stop for weary coach travelers. By 1844 the house was mostly used as a railroad hotel. By 1878 the house was no longer a hotel, but a new use was found for it when it was turned into a factory that manufactured wind mills and farm wagons. In 1902, a man named Dean purchased the house and turned it into luxury apartments. For the next seventy-four years the house began to slowly fall into misuse and found itself in much need of repairs. In 1976 the house was purchased by Norm and Kathryn Kinney and Hal and Jacque Minick. The Kinney’s and the Minick’s restored the house and it reopened its doors as bed and breakfast that same year. It was after the restorations made by the Kinney’s and the Minick’s that the paranormal activity began.

The inn only seems to have one restless spirit roaming about its halls. No one knows for certain who this woman is or was but it has become apparent that she has no intentions of leaving.

“The Lady in Red” has appeared to employees and guests alike as a full-bodied, solid apparition as she roams the house. This lady has also been spotted looking out of windows on the second floor of the inn and she is said to be responsible for re-opening one of the guest room doors after it has been tightly closed.

Sightings of the Lady in Red are still made today. This bed and breakfast was also investigated by the paranormal investigators from Spirit Society and they have classified the entity between an “intelligent spirit” and “phantom”.

102 South Parkview
Marshall, Michigan
(269) 781-7374