The Haunting of the Osceola Inn

Osceola Inn – Osceola County, Reed City, Michigan

Photograph ©Reed City Website

History of the Hotel:

The original hotel was built in 1881 by Daniel Oaks and purchased by the King brothers. Just a few years later in 1884, the wood-built hotel burned to the ground. The King brothers rebuilt a much sturdier hotel, made of bricks and three-stories high, calling it The King Hotel and Saloon.

In the early nineteen-hundreds the hotel was sold and renamed The Osceola Hotel. In the early forties, the hotel changed hands again, this time being purchased by Ray Rogalla who renamed it The Osceola Inn.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

Upon checking into the hotel you may notice a sign at the front desk asking that all ghostly activity be reported to the front desk! Apparently the place is chalked full of paranormal activity!

Some of the “ghostly activities” reported there? Well, it’s about the norm for a haunted place; phantom footsteps, bumps, thumps and unexplainable noises. Some have seen full-bodied apparitions. Some have seen shadowy figures the moved out of the corner of their eye but, as usual, these figures disappears once they turned their head. More reports tell of cold spots and cold gusts of air, disembodied voices, lights that go on and off, doors that open and close on their own and electrical gadgets and doodads going haywire for no reason.

This building has been investigated by various ghost hunting teams, as well as, psychics who claim that it truly is haunted. Personally, I’d like to see it investigated by the TAPS team!

110 East Upton Avenue
Reed City, Michigan 49677
(231) 832-5537