The Haunting of the Gehm House

Gehm House – Saint Louis County, Saint Louis, Missouri

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I hate posting without a photo but it was bound to happen sooner or later and I’m sure it will happen again. I spent over four hours searching for a photo without success. Usually when I come across one without a picture available I don’t add it to the site but this one has some very interesting stories….I just couldn't pass this one up.

Built in 1890 by Bart Adams, this two-story brick home was later purchased by Henry Gehm; the most well known owner. This house is known as the Gehm House, as well as, the Plant Avenue House.

Henry Gehm was apparently a bit of a recluse; he didn’t socialize much with his neighbors or other community members. In 1944, Mr. Gehm died of cancer.

After the death of Henry Gehm, the Furry family bought the home and moved in. Shortly after the move, Mrs. Furry began to notice odd happenings in the house; the feeling of being shaken awake by unseen hands and strange sounds like someone hammering the headboard, something hitting the windows and phantom footsteps on the stairs.

Mr. Furry reported waking in the middle of the night and seeing a white, misty apparition floating down the hall. When he got out of bed and went to the hall, he saw the floating figure disappear into his youngest daughter’s bedroom. He then raced into the room but the figure had vanished.

After a few weeks of living in the home, the entire Furry family had seen the apparition of the lady in black. This apparition was described as being dressed in a black Victorian dress. She was reported to visit the children’s rooms in the middle of the night and actually hit one of the children (lightly) with a broom.

The next family to move into the house was the Walsh family. This family also became very familiar with the lady in black, as well as, the apparition of a small girl and Henry Gehm himself.

Today these three spirits are still reported to haunt the home but seem to be harmless. The home was purchased by the Wheeler family who has raised three children there. They have experienced the same apparitions and many of the same events as prior owners, along with some new ones.

One of the Wheeler children was awakened in the middle of the night to his entire bed shaking. Other members of the family have heard unexplainable noises coming from the empty attic, awoke to some unseen force pulling their bed covers off of the bed and have seen indentions of an unseen person lying on the beds!

In spite of the odd events in the home, the Wheelers continue to stay on; accustomed to the paranormal happenings there and their frequent ghostly visitors.

Plant Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri