The Haunting of the Porter-Phelps-Huntington Mansion

The Farm Museum – Hampshire County, Hadley, Massachusetts

Photograph ©HenryC

This house has many names: The Porter-Phelps-Huntington Mansion, The Bishop-Huntington House, Forty Acres or the Farm Museum; take your pick of its many names but one thing will remain the same, it’s haunted!

The entity haunting this old colonial home is thought to be that of Mrs. Elizabeth Porter. Elizabeth lived in the home with her daughter and husband until Mr. Porter was called to fight with the French. Soon after that, Moses Porter was killed in battle.

Throughout the years, many children have told of seeing the apparition of a kind lady in their rooms at night. They have also claimed that this spirit gently tucked them in.

The sounds of a spinning wheel have been heard coming from the attic area but no spinning wheel is up there. The door to the attic is always kept shut and latched but has been found many times to be opened in the mornings. Also, the apparition of a small child has been seen on these stairs that lead to the attic but the entities identity is unknown.

The sounds of light footsteps have been heard on the stairs, as well as, in the hallway at night when no one was there. Doctor Huntington, a direct descendent of the Porters, has personally seen latches lift up and doors open and close on their own throughout the house.

Visitors to the house have claimed they saw people rush past their line of peripheral vision while sitting at the dining table. And some have even claimed to see the indentation of some unseen person lying on the beds.

This house is now the Farm Museum and paranormal reports are still made here even today.

130 River Drive
Hadley, Massachusetts
(413) 584-4699