The Haunting of Stone’s Public House

Stone’s Public House – Middlesex County, Ashland, Massachusetts

Photograph ©ActiveRain Corp.

179 Main Street
Ashland, Massachusetts
(508) 881-1778

Stone’s Public house originally opened in 1834 as The Railway House. The structure was built by Mr. John Stone, a farmer and shrewd businessman who had an eye for making money. Mr. Stone had already bought up most of the property that made up the town of Ashland and when he learned that a railroad was being laid through the center of his town, he quickly made plans to build the Railway House beside the tracks. This proved to be a sensible decision and on the day that the establishment opened, Mr. Stone was greeted by three-hundred waiting patrons! The Railway House continued to be quite successful for many years and John Stone died a wealthy man in 1858.

Today the building is known as Stone’s Public House and it continues to draw in the crowds. But, it not only known for its excellent food, good entertainment or its pub; it’s also well known because of its ghosts!

In the attic of this modern day restaurant and tavern, lies the bloody eighteen-hundreds dress of a ten year old girl who was tragically killed on the railroad tracks outside. This child’s death was witnessed by patrons of the old Railway House in 1862. The little girl’s name was Mary Smith and her spirit is said to linger on in the building today.

Mary’s apparition has been spotted by patrons, looking out of the windows of a storage room located near the kitchen. Mary is also thought to spend time in the attic where her bloody dress still resides. This is no urban legend; this dress really does still lye in the attic!

Another restless spirit to call the Stone’s Public House its home is that of a Mr. Burt Phillips. Mr. Phillips was also killed by a train in 1890, after he had the left the tavern and wandered onto the tracks in a drunken stupor. The apparition of this man is said to still linger in his favorite inn and enjoys playing pranks on employees and guests. This entity is said to be responsible for turning water faucets on and off, tapping frightened visitors on the shoulders and holding employees hands under the ice when they are attempting to fill up the ice buckets.

The third entity that is said to still linger here is that of Mr. John Stone himself! John Stone’s spirit is thought to be responsible for putting his hands around the throats of employees and patrons, throwing glassware through the air, knocking items off of shelves and causing ten-dollar bills to appear in the tip jars!