The Haunting of the USS Constellation

The USS Constellation – Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland

Photograph ©Unknown

The USS Constellation is the very last all-sail warships to be built by the United States Navy. She is also the first Navy ship to bear the name “Constellation” but she earned the nickname “Yankee Racehorse” because she was capable of cruising at 14 knots.

As with any ship of war, many men met their untimely end on board and many hauntings have occurred since.

Many have smelled the strong odor of gun powder here, as well as, heard unearthly noises and seen ghostly lights and many apparitions. One such apparition appears in the form of an iridescent mass. This apparition is thought to be Neil Harvey and he is mostly spotted on the orlop deck. In 1799, Neil was court marshaled for being a coward after he had left his gunning station during a battle with the French.

Another apparition to be seen aboard is that of Captain Thomas Truxtun. Captain Truxtun is mostly active on the forecastle deck. Captain Truxtun was also the first commander of the USS Constellation from 1798-1801.

A watchman for the ship named Carl Hansen has appeared in several areas of the ship; apparently he is still guarding her. Carl was a former sailor himself and his night watchman duties ended in 1965. He has been seen playing cards and has appeared to many, including a priest, in solid form; making his seem like a live person.

Yet, another apparition to appear here is that of an eleven year old boy. The young sailor boy was the assistant to a navy surgeon between the years of 1820-1822. The boy was murdered by two other sailors on the orlop deck.

Lastly, the spirit of another sailor haunts this ship. Apparently this young man hung himself on board and he is mostly seen on the gun and forecastle decks.

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