The Haunting of the Gold Hill Hotel

Gold Hill Hotel – Storey County, Virginia City, Nevada

Photograph ©Jake Slagle

Known as the oldest hotel in Virginia City, the Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon was built in 1859 and was originally known as the Riese House. The place changed hands many times and renovations and building additions were made by many of the owners.

In a building that has been standing for nearly one hundred and fifty years and with renovations and additions being made many times, it is hardly any wonder that there are claims of a haunting.

As with most hauntings, many of the common reports are made there; lights turning on and off on their own, objects going missing only to magically reappear in places that were already searched and the ever common phantom footsteps. Also reported here are the sounds of children running, giggling and playing in the hallways late at night and the strong, sudden scents of tobacco, roses and chocolate chip cookies!

1540 Main Street
Virginia City, Nevada 89440
(775) 847-0111

Ghost Picture at the Gold Hill Hotel