The Haunting of the Burlington Prison

Burlington Prison Museum – Burlington County, Mount Holly, New Jersey

Photograph ©Dan Beards

Built in 1811 and designed by Robert Mills, this prison was used until 1983 when a new prison was constructed elsewhere to hold more inmates. In 1999, renovations began on the old prison to create a museum for the public.

During the renovations, workmen reported feeling uneasy if they were left alone in the building. These workers even began leaving earlier in the day to avoid being alone. The workmen claimed that while they were alone, they had heard the sounds of voices, screaming and other unexplainable noises. They also reported that their tools would just “vanish” and then turn up in areas where they had not been working at the time.

Officials called in the South Jersey Ghost Research Team; this team included Dave Juliano from The Shadowlands. The paranormal investigators reported seeing an apparition in the shower area and even found a footprint in the dust.

Another apparition, believed to be that of Joel Clough who was convicted of murdering his lover, was momentarily seen sitting in the maximum security cell. After the death of Mr. Clough, prison guards during that period made reports of objects moving on their own and hearing moaning sounds and chains rattling from within the empty cell. While investigating the prison, Dave Juliano observed a stretcher that was sitting near this cell, move on its own.

The South Jersey Team also photographed many orbs within the building, as well as, recorded several interesting EVPs.

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