The Haunting of the La Posada Resort

La Posada Resort – Santa Fe County, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photograph ©Jim

In 1882, Abraham Staab and his wife, Julie, built their home here; this original house is now part of the La Posada Resort. Julie gave birth to seven children during her lifetime, however, the last of these children died at birth. This tragedy devastated Julie and sent her into a downward spiral of depression and isolation. Julie took to her bed and stayed there until her death in 1896. Today, it is believed that the house is still occupied by Julie Staab’s apparition.

In room 256, Julie’s former bedroom, is where most of the activity occurs. Many guests who have stayed in this room have reported that sometime during the night, someone filled the bathtub with water. Julie’s apparition was also spotted by a chimney cleaner while he was outside; he claimed that he looked over at the window and saw a woman in period clothing looking at him through the curtains. This worker recognized the woman from a painting that hangs in the drawing room.

Julie’s apparition has also been seen gliding down the grand staircase, as well as, sitting quietly in the restaurant area. Many who have not seen this gentle spirit have claimed that they felt her presence or experienced fleeting, unexplainable cold spots.

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