The Haunting of The Lodge Resort, Spa and Saloon

The Lodge – Otero County, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Photograph ©Heather Shade

1 Corona Place
Cloudcroft, New Mexico 88317
(505) 682-2566

Originally, the Lodge Resort was built in 1899 for use of the timber cutters who worked on the Railroad. In 1906, the Lodge was opened to the public and in 1911 it was fully restored after an extremely destructive fire took place. Since those early days, the Lodge has served many guests, including Judy Garland, Clark Gable and every one of New Mexico’s Governors.

Today the Lodge is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Rebecca. This young woman worked for the Lodge in the early nineteenth century and did a little work as a prostitute on the side. Rebecca, like the other employees of that time, lived in one of the rooms in the basement of the Lodge. It was in this room where Rebecca was murdered by her lover who caught her in bed with another man (or possibly a client). It was right after Rebecca’s death that the hauntings at the Lodge began and the paranormal activity has occurred there ever since.

Rebecca’s apparition has been reportedly seen by many guests, as well as employees and she is usually described as having long red hair, blue eyes and period clothing. One guest said he heard an odd scratching sound coming from the hallway outside of his room. When the man cracked open his door to investigate, he saw Rebecca rearranging some flowers that were placed in the hallway. Another unsuspecting guest walked into his guest bathroom to shower and found the semi-transparent Rebecca reclining lazily in his bathtub before she quickly disappeared!

In the Saloon, located in the basement of the Lodge, Rebecca has been seen in the mirror at the bar. When the bartender turns around to serve the pretty young woman, she is gone. Also in the bar area, Rebecca is claimed to take beverages that were served to living guests, leave antique poker chips lying on the floor and play loud music that causes complaints from guests who were sleeping upstairs.

The mischievous spirit of Rebecca is also thought to have fun with guests and employees by flushing toilets, shattering glasses, flickering lights, calling the front desk from empty rooms, turning on guests lights in the middle of the night, lying down in the beds beside of guests, moving guests items from their rooms, opening and closing doors, locking doors and playing with electronic gadgets.

The paranormal reports at the Lodge pour in almost every day. Some guests even return to the hotel just to experience the activity there and Rebecca seldom disappoints them. This spirited lady, no pun intended, seems to have made the Lodge her home and doesn’t give any indication of checking out anytime soon.