The Haunting of the Morris – Jumel Mansion

Morris – Jumel Mansion – New York County, New York, New York

Photograph ©Morris-Jumel Mansion

During the Revolutionary War in 1776, George Washington held his headquarters here. After the war was over the mansion was used as a private residence and changed hands many times. By the year of 1810, the old mansion had become dilapidated and rundown. It was around this time that a French merchant named Stephen Jumel stumbled upon the old manor and he and his wife restored it to its original beauty.

Today the old mansion house is used as a museum for the public and despite the fact that its former residents are deceased, some of them refuse to leave their beloved home.

In 1964, a group of children on a school field trip were waiting outside of the museum waiting for it to open. The children, who were restless and probably making quite a bit of noise, looked up and saw a woman in a purple gown come out onto the balcony above them. The woman told the children to “Shush!” and then went back in through the balcony doors. When the curator arrived at the museum to let them in, the chaperones asked her why the woman upstairs didn’t let them in. The curator was flabbergasted and went on to tell them that no one was inside the museum; it had been locked since the day before!

Another apparition to appear in the house is that of a young servant girl. This same girl, in life, committed suicide by jumping out of one of the windows in the servant’s quarters.

In addition to the two female spirits residing in the old manor, many have also reported seeing the transparent apparitions of Revolutionary War soldiers.

Today, many still claim they have seen an apparition in the house; others report “feeling” different presences throughout the house.

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