The Haunting of Race Rock Lighthouse

Race Rock Lighthouse – Race Rock, New York

Photograph ©Light House Friends.Com

Race Rock, New York

The infamous, Race Rock, has been reported to have paranormal activity on it since the years before the lighthouse was constructed there. The rocks that make up the tiny islet have always been treacherous; hiding in dark waters that are only as deep as three feet in some areas.

The death toll at Race Rock is uncertain, however, many ships have gone down there and they have taken their men with them. Around the tiny island, the twin currents are notorious for drawing people under. One ship that met its end there went down with more than forty-five passengers; all of which lost their lives.

In 1871, after the government shelled out over a quarter of a million dollars, the Race Rock Lighthouse was finally constructed. The first keeper, Neil Martin, is said to be the last to die at Race Rock. In 1978, after many years of being an utter nuisance, the lighthouse was finally automated.

For hundreds of years, stories of ghosts and apparitions have been passed around about Race Rock. With so many deaths, would it be any wonder?

Many members of the Coast Guard have claimed that while they were in the lighthouse, they heard whispers, laughing, yelling or a disembodied voice calling their name. Many of these brave souls won’t even venture back onto the rock; some of them claiming they were touched, poked or pushed.

In addition to these claims, many have also reported hearing the sounds of phantom footsteps when they were alone. Another odd report made by numerous people is that they have heard the sounds of running water or they have seen wet footprints leading out of the former shower area; the lighthouse hasn’t had water running through its pipes for years and the shower has been removed.

Many men passing by on boats have claimed that they saw the shadowy figure of a man in the tower as the light passed him. During the night, no living person is in the tower; there would be no need for it.

The Race Rock lighthouse is definitely “up there” in the ranks of famous hauntings. Unfortunately, touring the place is out of the question; tour boats don’t dare tread the waters nearby and anyone who sets foot on the little island is trespassing on government property. If that isn’t enough to discourage all you ghost chasers, consider the fact that the place is already a graveyard to many of EXPERIENCED seamen.