The Haunting of the Maumee Bay Brewing Company

The Maumee Bay Brewing Company – Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio

Photograph ©Haunted

Built in 1859, this building was originally home to The Oliver House hotel. During the Revolutionary War era, the hotel was used as a make-shift hospital for the wounded. After that it went on to become a boarding house and then a music studio for a short period of time. Today the old building houses the Maumee Bay Brewing Company, as well as, several other businesses.

Apparently this brick building has been plagued by the paranormal since the sixties, when an addition was accidentally built over an Indian burial ground! During renovations, workers inadvertently dug up the bones and then, seeing their error, they stuck them back in the ground and covered them back over with dirt! Unfortunately these bones were rediscovered in later years when the addition was torn down for another renovation project! After the second time the bones were accidentally dug up, the local Indian authorities were called in and they attempted to calm the angered spirit and purify the ground.

a gentleman who had an office in the building claimed that he saw an apparition in the basement area of the building. He said that the ghostly specter had been the “Captain”, the original owner of the building in the 1800’s. This man said that the Captain’s apparition seemed almost surprised that he could see him! This same spirit is also believed to spend quite a bit of time in the private dining room. Many have reported hearing the sounds of creaking floor boards as if someone were walking on them, the doors open and close on their own and cold spots have been frequently felt. One woman, the daughter of one of the owners, claimed that she heard a cheerful, disembodied, male voice call her name from the private dining room as well. In addition to being heard, the Captains apparition has also been seen numerous times in this area.

The Captain’s spirit is not the only one to call the building home. The apparition of a woman in period clothing has been spotted several times on the staircase and many reports of phantom footsteps and other unexplainable phenomena still occur here.

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