The Haunting of the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast Country Inn

Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast – McHenry County, Anamoose, North Dakota

Photograph ©Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast Country Inn

Built in the eighteen-hundreds, this building was originally a schoolhouse and is thought to be the first one in the state. During its schooling years, one of the superintendents died a strange and horrible death. This superintendent, described as large with bushy hair, was inspecting the school with the help of a young student. They had made their way through the school and then ventured to the basement to inspect the broiler. Somehow, the broiler caught fire and the man and young pupil were burned too death.

The school thrived over the years until its population surpassed its maximum capacity. By the early nineteen-hundreds, the building sat vacant and dilapidating. It was then purchased by a group of investors with the intentions of renovating it and putting it to good use for the community of Anamoose.

In 1996, the old schoolhouse was turned into a bed and breakfast by new owners, Jacqueline Fix and Brad Mincher. During the renovations, the new owners began to notice some strange happenings that they could not explain.

Since that time, the owners and many visitors have made reports of items being moved or simply disappearing, the scent of cigar smoke that seems to come out of nowhere and then quickly disappears and shadows moving in ones peripheral vision.

Other complaints consist of toilets flushing by themselves, lights turning on and off for no reason and unexplainable cold spots. Many here have also claimed to see apparitions, especially in the basement area, and most refuse to go down there.

Today, the Sage Hill Country Inn still has reports of unexplainable phenomena and it seems to haunted as ever.

2091 33rd Street NE
Anamoose, North Dakota 58710
(701) 465-0225