Karen's Ghost Photos

The following photos were sent in to me this weekend. The woman who offered these pictures wrote:

"I am a paranormal Investigator. I am sending you some photos that I caught of spirits. This one is in my bedroom... I believe this to be my spirit guide. (Look to the left inside the mirror)."

"The other pictures where taken in a house on Long Island inside of an old Victorian home. These pictures were taken upstairs where alot of the activity was happening. The owner was being "touched" at night...lightly tapped,or the bed moved."


[Second Photo]


"This one is the entity that I believed touched her, Not truly negative by nature but I believe he just "does not want anyone in HIS home" This was taken going up the stairs (in the bedroom) to the attic ..I turned around on the stairs and took the pic.

Thank you for your time,

Thank you, Karen, for your photos!