The Haunting of the Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery – Yamhill County, Lafayette, Oregon

Photograph ©Minted Llama

During the late eighteen-hundreds, many a woman lost her life after being accused of being a witch; whether the accusations were true or not. Back then, methods of interrogation consisted of flogging, hanging, branding, dunking, and many more techniques that were much more severe and painful. Basically the accused would be tortured until they confessed.

A woman, whose true identity remains a mystery to this day, lived in the town of Lafayette during that period and was put too death by hanging after being found guilty of practicing witchcraft. Fortunately for this woman, being hanged was one of the less brutal methods of death, however, she still holds a grudge and isn’t afraid to let the people of Lafayette know it.

The Lafayette Cemetery seems to have several restless spirits roaming its grounds, but the accused witch is perhaps the most frightening and active, making her presence known at any time during the day, night or changing seasons.

Many of the visitors who have entered here have claimed to see the witch’s apparition either standing silently or walking through the graveyard. Some have claimed that she laughed at them or chased them out of the front gates. Some have even caught the witch’s voice on EVP’s; one woman recorded her saying “Run Home!”

If these were the only claims, most people wouldn’t be afraid to enter the cemetery, however, the reports have also become physical. Many have been chased out of the cemetery, leaving there with deep cuts up and down their backs. Those who laugh and question these stories have had the surprise of their lives when the victims have lifted their shirts to reveal the scars!

Today, the cemetery still stands and the reports of the witch are still made, however, most do not risk their skin or their freedom to enter since there was a no trespassing rule put into effect.

Mineral Springs Road
Lafayette, Oregon 97127